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Img is a brand I created my senior year at RISD, it touched upon an incredibly sensitive topic. With Instagram literally putting a filter on our lives, people are striving for unrealistic body images. This brand revolves around an engagement video and a website campaign that helps people find a community and an outlet that sends body positive notifications through articles, Ted-Talks, and self-uploaded videos. 

Img's logo was created to mimic a camera within a camera or a frame within a frame to symbolize the duality between a physical appearance that is unique, original and stunning, and the physical filtered lives we strive to have. 

This video is an engagement piece for the brand img that touches on the sensitive topic of insecurity and tries to highlight that you are not alone in feeling inadequate. This feeling should be replaced with more things you like about yourself. 

This video uses duality as the brand almost mirrors an image within an image and superficial negative qualities can always be overshadowed by the beauty everyone possesses. 

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This video shows a brief glimpse into how and what img's website will look.

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